In 2005 I moved to Israel; part of my plan was to complete a degree in Conflict Management & Negotiation at Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan (near Tel Aviv).

Now I’m two years into a disappointing mediation program that seems indefinite. I long ago realized that if I want to get anywhere – starting with realizing where I want to get to – I was going to have to take my education into my own hands. I’ve been taught a lot of theory and I feel it’s time to seek out alternative forms of education, including hands-on experience.

Part of this action is to attend conferences, read books, blogs, articles and to use my everyday experiences as chances for analysis. And believe me, there are plenty of opportunities where I’m living these days: the center of the holy world and the capital of conflict, Jerusalem.

This is the place where I take my notes. Feel free to contact me, especially if you know of opportunities, good reads or just suggestions: betterthanmisery@gmail.com

Studying mediation, living in Jerusalem; is that a little too much conflict?


Get a different perspective at lizraelupdate.com. I also contribute to Mideast Youth, a media center where different bloggers from across the Middle East get together to share videos, photos and more.


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