Conducting mediation online: Tips?

There is a possibility I might be able to start a project online, mediating/guiding for a group of people who work together. The group of people themselves work together online on a communal project and from time to time, as is human nature, there are feuds and communication issues.

I wrote a paper on Online Dispute Resolution about two years ago. I will dust that off and take a look. I’ve also been looking on YouTube for videos of mediation sessions, even though they aren’t online (it’s still fun for me to watch those).

What I really need is a mentor to help me get started. I need to be able to be some kind of internet-community liaison. For now, I’ll research the area, but I do wish there was a professor at my university who knew what the internet was. Ok, that’s harsh. But I  just need to know who/where to turn to for a bit of guidance.

Suggestions welcome!


3 Responses to Conducting mediation online: Tips?

  1. Geoff Sharp says:

    I have someone who you must talk to about ODR – email me offline and i will put you guys in contact

  2. […] Hmm… Not so encouraging, but I think I was prepared for that anyway. Mediation has a long way to go as a career field in Israel. I think it has to do with the general public learning what it means and why its beneficial. Lately I have been thinking about alternative kinds of manifestations of my conflict management degree, including online dispute resolution projects. […]

  3. Perhaps I can help you. Having mediated online since 1999, I have recently started to coach face-to-face mediators interested to learn how to mediate online (by email).

    My coaching is 100% hands-on. You will learn how to mediate by email by actually doing it. We’ll simulate a typical community (neighbor vs neighbor) dispute, for which you need to find two people — friends or colleagues — willing to play the role of each neighbor.

    If you are interested, visit my website or give me call.

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