Where I’m at.

February 21, 2008

Well, school commenced a couple weeks ago after loads of interruptions, but I finally have my schedule figured out. I’m taking one last semester with two electives:

  • Ethical Dilemmas in Mediation
  • Psychological Study of Family Mediation

Those are loose translations, anyway. I’m really looking forward. I think these are the first courses I’m taking that actually feel like electives (like I’m electing to take them because they actually sound interesting/useful).

In the past month, I went through a lot of hardship about choosing classes (finishing easily but copping out of a challenge) but I decided it’s my last semester and it’s time to push myself to the finish line. How often will I be academically challenged when I am done with school?

In the summer I should be taking the official Mediation Course (for certification), assuming the schedule works out. If it doesn’t, I’ll just take it later in the fall.

The last thing I need to organize is an internship. So far it’s been kind of hard (why don’t Israeli organizations want free workers?). I have a few things in the works now, so here’s hoping.

And that’s it, in short. After a long low, I’m feeling pretty pumped. Opportunity, I’m waiting!