Professor of intercivilizational conflict resolution.

January 27, 2008

A professor of mine was interviewed for a piece in the Bangkok Post. The article details Dr. Ben Mollov’s work in intercivilizational conflict resolution and conflicts in the Middle East:

Working for Peace

“A professor of social sciences at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, Mollov has made the study of managing and mediating conflict through cultural and religious dialogue the basis of his life’s work.

A prolific writer and lecturer on the subject, Mollov was in Bangkok last week en route to a conference in Malaysia, where despite the lack of Israel-Malaysian diplomatic relations (Malaysian passports read “valid in every country but Israel”), he was invited to speak about moderating intercivilisational conflict. He also spoke there in 2005, when, in his first visit to the country, he was pleasantly surprised to be received by audience applause, a prominently displayed Israeli flag and inter-faith bonding with Muslim conference participants over the troubles in finding Halal and Kosher food when traveling.”

Dr Ben MollovIt’s nice to see some positive, enthusiastic work coming from my department’s faculty, as well as some major steps taken to ‘speak outside the box’. What I mean by that is Dr Mollov’s work spreading to Southeast Asia – Malaysia, especially – as opposed to just keeping within the Israeli/American/Anglo academic scenes.

I’ve been critical of my program, but I think with a little open-mindedness and patience, I can really learn a bit more from my professors’ actions in addition to their words. If we can’t all learn one-on-one, the least we can do is watch from a distance and pick up what we can.



Out of absentia.

January 27, 2008

I know that I have been quite absent lately – from my school life, from talking about my studies… But there has been a senior professors’ strike on since the beginning of the academic year. The strike has affected all of us – student, faculty, administration alike – and it has been as frustrating as it has been disturbing.

Well, the strike finally ended last week. I am still trying to pick up the pieces and figure out how I will work towards finishing my last credits and projects by this summer.