Sometimes we need to laugh at what ails us.

Directly following my last post…  

“You have to have a sense of humor in order to participate on a site like this and not go crazy from the emotion and the emotional exchanges.”

Here is the result of being invited to an evening of comedy at Off the Wall in Jerusalem to see my new favorite Arab-American comedians: Ray Hanania and Sherif Hedayat.

They are reaching the end of the Israeli/Palestinian Comedy Tour, in which they have been joined by other comedians (including Charley Warady) to try to bring people together and break the ice with humor. Their brand of comedy is a nationalistic self-depracation like only Arabs and Israelis could know how to appreciate. And, although many people at the club last night were a bit tense about it, if people let loose and learn to appreciate an effort when they see one – well, humor can go a long way.

Yesterday was a great day for meeting new people with new ideas… Putting faces to names… And having a laugh over what ails us.

Here’s a list of funny videos from last night… And here are some samples:


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  1. […] I find it a huge relief to sit in a room and laugh at Arabs and Israelis making fun of ourselves. I think humor is […]

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