Merkaz Edna: a place for well-being and peace.

I discovered something new tonight: Merkaz Edna. It’s a rented space in Talpiot, Jerusalem, where independent therapists and homeopaths hold talks, therapy sessions and weekly programs.

I was drawn by a class called: “The Interface Between Alternative and Western Medicine.” It was interesting enough but I was more impressed that such a place existed right near me.

Methinks it’s a good idea to stalk it for a little while; one of the notices said that a mediator is holding an eight week course for children of divorced parents in the summer. I’d just love to help out with that in any way, even if my only payment was watching the mediator interact with the kids.

It’s been a challenge finding someone who would take a near-graduated conflict management student as an unpaid intern or volunteer. I’ve got to step up the efforts. Tonight was a good start, then.

One Response to Merkaz Edna: a place for well-being and peace.

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