WMF 2007: Still trying to attend.

Back in July I wrote about the International Conference to the World Mediation Forum taking place in Jerusalem this year (on Tuesday), which is just my luck… except that it costs $535.

Since July, I’ve emailed the conference organizers to see if they offered scholarships (they don’t). I’ve offered to volunteer to pay it off (no go). I found out one of my department faculty is on the organizing committee (she didn’t do anything). Today I see that my very own professor is one of the panelists (I’m not even bothering with him… trust me).

It’s a real shame on so many levels. How does a conference not have a student rate?  How does my own department – involved with the organizers – not get us in?

I’m going to show up Tuesday morning and see if there is any kind of last-minute situation. It’s a very Israeli thing to do, actually – she up last minute and talk my way in. Might as well give it a shot.

Otherwise, I just have to think that maybe it’s the organizers and panelists who are missing out by not having me around.


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