Psychological West vs. Holistic East.

September 19, 2007

Tonight I went to an orientation for the Reidman International College of Complementary Medicine. The Reidman college is part of a greater network of alternative medicine schools across the world, and is by far the largest of its kind in Israel.

I got a note in the mail about the orientation and decided to check it out. Last year I attended a 3-day conference on alternative healing and I found it fascinating, especially in conjunction with my mediation studies.

It’s a subject I’ve always wanted to explore and I also figure, why shouldn’t it help with my mediation practice? Individuals need to mediate within themselves first, more often than not.

I like what I heard tonight, and I’m thinking I might sign up for the course this time next year when I’m finished with my current conflict management degree. I’d be doing a five-year holistic psychotherapy course which would explore the mind-body connection in regards to psychotherapy. It’s a mix of Western psychology and Eastern holistic medicine, which is exactly the kind of attitude I want to inject in my own offering.

This all falls under the topic I’ve always been curious about, energy healing. What are relationships without energy? Especially the relationship you have with yourself?

I don’t want to rush into that because I feel like I have a long way to go until I could master such a topic, but I am excited to begin exploring.