(Jewish) New Years Resolutions

September 16, 2007

Rosh Hashana – the Jewish new year – just ended, and not without a bit of prayer and reflecting on my part. I’ve come up with several resolutions I’d like to work on this year; I always love a good self-improvement challenge.

The main resolutions for myself break down as the following:

1. Taking responsibility for my own

I’m the only one to blame for my feelings of blandness lately. I’ve let laziness, skepticism and un-inspiration take over. Who can inspire me better than myself? I’ve become too comfortable with the status-quo.

2. Stepping down as Judge

I’ve been caught up in a very negative pattern of judgment lately. I was never one for being overly judgmental, and I certainly don’t think myself almighty-enough to play the role. However, I’ve realized, like in resolution #1, I’ve become too comfortable with myself and where I am in life and have repeatedly forgotten to place myself before my peers in line for judgment.

Here’s to a new year (in the Jewish calendar, that is 5768) – a year of adventure, pro-action, inspiration, and even a new path or two.