The last peace.

September 11, 2007

The last peace I experienced in New York was actually after the Towers had already come down.  It was after I had sat and stared at the television screen for three hours.

It was later, in the afternoon, when I checked my phone messages that I felt the last peace slip from my fingers; enter my ears for the last time.

It came as a message left by my mother, on her way to work at 8:47 in the morning.

“Hey, on my way to work. Wanted to see how you’re doing. [Sirens go off in the background]. Four ambulances are going by on the expressway. Aright, call me back.”

It was already clear why four ambulances went by when I hung up the phone. I felt my eyes lower and I didn’t delete the message.

For about 5 seconds, I was listening to the last peace before New York erupted.