WMF 2007: Can I come?


The 2007 International Conference to the World Mediation Forum is being held this October in Jerusalem. Not only is that really, really close to home, for me it is home. Which means not only do I have this great opportunity to attend this international mediators’ event, but I can also do it for a lot cheaper than it would be to fly somewhere distant and foreign.

Considering how lacking I’m feeling in my academic course, I think this is a great chance for me to learn, meet and network with mediators from around the world. In other words: a practical, hands-on education.

That said, the entry fee is $500 and attending would mean three vacation days from work. If I’m going to go, it’ll have to be via scholarship (which my university and the conference are not offering).

Any thoughts out there? Any charitable organizations looking to sponsor a young Israeli/American student/mediator-to-be at WMF 2007?


2 Responses to WMF 2007: Can I come?

  1. Hello I’m writing from Argentina he have a blog in spanish, regarding on line dipute resolutions.



    Alberto Elisavetsky

  2. […] 2007: Still trying to attend. Back in July I wrote about the International Conference to the World Mediation Forum taking place in Jerusalem this year […]

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