Studying Bush in the land of conflict.

June 25, 2007

Today and tomorrow my program at university is hosting a conference titled: Transformative Mediation and the Societal Conflicts of Israel. Robert A. Baruch Bush, one of the biggest proponents of Transformative Mediation, is the main guest. Today he addressed us on the theories and also touched upon the application and usefulness of the transformative approach to three main societal conflicts of Israel:

  • Religious/Secular divide
  • Arab/Israeli divide
  • Immigrants/Veterans divide

Not an easy task, to say the least. Tomorrow we’ll be delving further into the application of the theories onto the religious/secular divide.

Today’s lectures went deeper to explain the process of transformative mediation; we only really studied the topic in one class last year, which was mostly a legal approach to mediation. It definitely opened it up further, although I’m still not convinced that as a mediator I could be a transformative purist.

Here he is, the optimistic mediator himself, Robert Bush:

Robert Bush

More to follow…